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We’re focused on expanding the reach of the token economy. This means onboarding, not just your token, but also your team and community. We don’t charge fees, but we will need your collaboration to ensure a successful launch.
Token Review

Getting To Know You

We have a comprehensive review process that ensures technical and regulatory compatibility with Radar Relay. You’ll need to fill out our Token Submission form below and provide us with information about your team, token, project, and community.

Spread The Word

Onboarding your community starts with spreading the word. Whether it’s Medium, Twitter, Naver, or Telegram, we work with new teams to introduce their community to Radar Relay and maximize visibility. We have design assets to help promote your token.
Liquidity Planning

Prepare For Trading

Radar Relay is here to help users access your utility token, so let’s get it in their hands! We’ll meet with you to discuss your utility token, project, and goals.
Education & Support

Helping Your Community

We’ll demo Radar Relay with your support team to ensure they are ready to answer community questions. After launch we’ll invite you to an exclusive token telegram channel to stay updated with new educational resources.

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